Shooter safety was purposely engineered into each and every one of our designs. All targets are engineered to maintain a minimum, 15 degree of deflection angle. While also being adjustable up to as much as 20 degrees of deflection angle (while on level ground). This allows the shooting to have the ability to adjust his or her deflection angle depending on the grade/slope of the terrain at the range. Whether the shooter in on level ground or on a slope, all projectiles will be safely deflected away from the shooter and those around them.



We manufacture all of our targets from the highest quality materials available, right here in the USA. We utilize AR550 (Abrasion Resistant) steel plate for all of our products.  In addition to the intended impact surfaces, we also utilize the same high-grade steel throughout the entire unit. This means that you can count on a consistent and reliable experience from all of our targets even after thousands of impacts.



From beginners, to the professional shooter, long range or short. Whether you are shooting a pistol, rifle or both... We have the target for you. We currently offer a variety of silhouettes and circle poppers. 



In addition to being safe and robust, our targets are also among the most portable on the market today. We have incorporated many design features that allow for easy assembly and disassembly. We also provide high quality “quick pins” to hold everything together. These features allow you to effectively transport our targets in most small cars and SUV’s.